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              As the wiring in your home provides electricity to your needs,
      so does the nervous system provide the pathways to a healthy, working body.

 Keep Your Spine Aligned
  Stay Healthy!

 Had an automobile accident?  You need to be checked.
 Had a fall?  Headaches? Pain?  Injury or Illness?
                Get your body examined.  Keep your nervous system working.

Dr. Karen MacKay has had forty years experience caring for people from all walks of life from newborns to Olympic athletes.  She has stayed on the cutting edge of technology and new thought regarding integrative health care and energy medicine. 
     Are your hormones doing their job?
      How is your energy? Do you have hot flashes, night sweats, or heart palpitations?  
         Are you menopausal? Irritable? How's your sex drive? We offer precise testing to
         find out how your hormones are doing because without the proper amounts of
         hormones and in the right proportions, you can't function as well as you should.
         Get your hormones back on track with natural alternatives and leading edge
         protocols that work and don't build up in your body creating a toxic overload.              
       Get rid of allergies, sensitivities and
       the inflammation that destroys health.         
          Do you have hayfever, allergies or sensitivities that cause
          you trouble or do you have an emotional history that effects
          your health? There are simple
and effective ways to neutralize these troublesome
          health destroyers.  Find out what is effecting you and get rid of your health problems.

          Go natural, reduce the stress on your body and feel better.
 Now is always the best time to take good care of your health. Call for an appointment today.
  Thanks again for your help that last morning. My recovery from the spasm was the fastest ever
   and I know that it was due to your efforts.    Al B.

  I am glad you are still working as a chiropractor. I'm sure you are helping a lot of people. . .they are lucky
   to have you. You were one of the best and I was glad you helped me so much.    Nancy G.

  The allergy elimination and the emotional work were amazing. It made all the difference.  Cindy W.
           Natural healthcare is green.              Many insurance plans accepted.
                                          446 B East Main,  Hillsboro OR  97123                                          
Dr. Karen MacKay
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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